About us

15 years

of experience







In KEMP AD, we believe, that strong personalities and proven experts, who are fully dedicated to their work, are the foundations of our success.

Throughout the years, KEMP AD has proven, that it is a social responsive and environmentally friendly company.

  1. 1999 KEMP AD was founded in Sevlievo
  2. 2014 Purchase of a new extrusion line for the application of the protective coating by Co extrusion.
  3. 2015 Purchase of high voltage test station.
  4. 2016 Awarded project on competitiveness and purchased:
    – extrusion line for insulation
    – Double-step twisting machine, etc.
  5. 2021 Awarded project and purchased:
    – tandem hose extrusion line
    – 2 pcs. braiding machines for cable shielding


Our customers

KEMP AD is a well-known and respected partner not only in Bulgaria, but also on the international market. Our products are exported to Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Albania, Hungary, Macedonia, Armenia, etc.